Educational Board Games You Can Play During Lockdown

Due to lock down many people are staying at home and bored. That is why they are looking for activities that can relieve the boredom they feel. Most people prefer to play board games, because they are brain games that can help you get through quarantine. Aside from it being fun to play, it is also educational.

There are different genres and styles. Games can depend on strategy, opportunity, or a mix of both, and often have a goal that players try to achieve even their competitors. Below are the best board games you can play during lock down.


ChessIt simulates two countries at war and fighting against each other until a king is cornered. What I love about this game is that it is a test of intelligence and strategy. There is no component of luck or chance. In this era, it is easy to find directions online, but chess rarely came with most of the documentation. To learn, an individual must be educated by someone who must learn from someone, and so on. I think it’s a legacy that connects the past, distinctly fashionable.

Ticket to Ride

Each participant puts a color chip on a track and receives 45 cards of one color. A table with a map of America is placed in the middle of the dining room table. There are cities, each connected by some railways. These lines consist of only one and are only one of eight colors: gray, yellow, black, white, purple, blue, brown, green, and red. The deck of cards is shuffled, and three cards are dealt with each opposing player. Players can choose to lose any one of these cards, but they must keep at least some of them.


It offers space for two people. She plays a monarch who is the ruler of a benevolent, small, and royal kingdom. You need to earn a lot from unclaimed property. You can hire subordinates, get together, improve your castle, conquer to protect yourself. The game starts with each participant who has an identical deck. Since the beginning of the game, a set of ten action cards from the 25 groups has been selected from the basket. The principles outline the options, or you can create your own project. There are no bankers or moderators. Each player starts with the same cards.


A clue is an exciting mystery game designed for three or six players. Hasbro publishes it. The object of the game is to find out who killed the game’s victim, Mr. Boddy. You’ll have to decide which weapon was used in the murder and where. I remember playing this game, and I remember how much fun it was and how I grew up once. If there are new versions of Cluedo available now, I prefer the Cluedo version. The “Murder Weapons” are made of excellent material and the playing cards and the board. I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys solving a fantastic puzzle.…

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