To support our ongoing efforts to preserve and maintain the gorgeous Frauenthal Theater, as well as support programming and educational efforts, monetary donations from individuals and businesses are gratefully appreciated

To make a tax-deductible cash donation to the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts, please contact Mary Oleniczak at 231-722-9750 or mail directly to Mary at 425 West Western Avenue #200, Muskegon, MI 49440. Cash, check, credit cards or appreciated stocks are warmly accepted.

As a nonprofit organization, the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts is always in need of various products and services. You can help us defray expenses by contributing products and/or services. Below are a few of the items we currently need to better serve our patrons, artists and constituencies.

2 way radios
Computer monitors
Computer speakers
Steam Iron and Ironing Board
Travel Services
Media Sponsorships
Graphic Design Services
Printing Services
DVD players
CD players
Copy Paper
To donate a product or service to the Frauenthal Center, please contact Jamie Gillard at 231-722-9750 x103. We will be happy to pick up any items. All items must be new or in nearly new condition and working properly.

Sponsorships allow the Frauenthal Center to bring a diverse array of the best the performing arts has to offer to the greater Muskegon area. By sponsoring a performance, program or event at the Frauenthal, you directly impact the lives of thousands in our community through the arts. Sponsorships are available for businesses, as well as individuals and offer a variety of marketing and recognition opportunities. They are developed to link the appropriate artistic program with individual needs, charitable giving, marketing objectives, and business development.

To learn more about sponsorship and how you can help improve the quality of life in your community, please contact Mary Oleniczak at 231-722-9750.

A. Harold Frauenthal made the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts his legacy – now you can make it part of yours. You can build upon his tradition of generosity by donating to the FCPA Fund through various means including those listed below. Several of the more popular methods of making deferred gifts may provide a variety of income, estate, and/or capital gains tax benefits.

Charitable Trusts
Bequests by will
Charitable gift annuities
Because each gift arrangement is uniquely tailored to the donor’s specific situation, we urge you to discuss your ideas for giving with your legal or financial advisors, or contact Bob Chapla at 231-722-4538 x 111.

Essential to the very existence and continued success of the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts are our beloved volunteers – “The Friends of the Frauenthal”

Each year hundreds of volunteers from throughout the greater Muskegon area donate their time, talent and energy to help sustain the operations of the Frauenthal Center. Volunteers assist with ushering, patron services, special events, hospitality, administrative and housekeeping duties.

We welcome you to join our family and become a Friend of the Frauenthal. For more information, please contact Michelle Peters at 231-722-9750 x143.